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We understand ONE size doesn’t fit everyone! We are an independent insurance agency representing some of the most successful insurance companies in the market place. You are looking for a competitively priced plan of insurance with a company financial sound enough to pay your claim.

  • Property Insurance - When you damage property you are responsible for getting it fixed. you can pay for repairs yourself or choose to have the right insurance. Having the right insurance is critical!! (11 insurance companies)

  • Liability Insurance - Liability insurance protects everything you have from being taken as payment for a claim where you are found at fault. (11 insurance companies)

  • Life Insurance - 100% chance of loss Life insurance is a tax-free death benefit meant to protect the lifestyle the lost person provided. It’s meant to keep a family together. Think of all the expenses a family faces. (27 insurance companies)

  • Disability - There is a much better chance of being disability than dying. Disability insurance simply protects your income.

  • Commercial Insurance - Every business has different risks that need to be assessed and it’s all about RISK. We work closely with business owners to measure and discuss the risk they face and how to protect against them.

  • Money / Investment Insurance - Pain is watching your investments drop in value. Insure your assets against loss and create a guaranteed stream of income you can’t outlive. We have years of experience.

  • Insurance Toolbox - We introduce you to a unique set of tools to help you understand insurance better.


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